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China factory sales rag press baling machine top selling products PET bottle baling machine with low price

China factory sales rag press baling machine top selling products PET bottle baling machine with low price

New horizontal cardboard compactor baler foam used automatic paper hydraulic cardboard waste pet baling press machine is the mechanical and electrical integration, the very high degree of automation of the packing machine, mainly by the mechanical system, control system, feeding system and power System and so on. The whole packing process is composed of pressure package, backhaul, suitcase, turn box, out of bag and package.

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Oil pump6363+4063+63100+63
Baling size(mm)1300*800*9001500*900*11001500*1100*12001500*1100*1300
Mouth size(mm)1400*8001500*9001600*11001800*1100
Bale weight(kg)500100013001500
Bale line5555
Nominal thrust (kn)800120016001800
System pressure (mpa)25-2825-2828.528.5


1.It is closed type hydraulic baler with lifting open-end door, no need to shift balers timely after package, it can push bags continuously.

2.It has high strength output door, hydraulic automatic open-end door, convenient operation and safety.

3.The horizontal hydraulic baler is operated by PLC with high efficiency and reduce labor.

4.Make the raw material to bales will reduce volume, increase density, it will be easy to transport and store.


The hydraulic waste paper baler machine is widely used in baling straw, waste paper, carton, plastic bottle, etc. And mainly used for baling heavy and light impurities in paper mill stock preparation line.



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Service During The Sales:

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After-sales service:

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